Bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Shade

Stage Name: Shade

Age: 152

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Nationality: Demon

Origin: Spiritkeeper

Credit: Unknown

Rival: Heria

Background[edit | edit source]

Shade was a demon who was influenced by human nature, and was motivated by peace and love. She fell in love with Daemon, who took the throne after the downfall of The Baned. Damion soon broke her heart and left her to the side for power. Upset over this, she left the demon realm and took on the appearance of a human, living among them. She soon met Drake, who she cheated into helping her by bounding him with a demonic spell, which forced him to stay with her at all times or else they both die. Drake followed her to the very end, where she sacrificed herself to weaken Damion. She soon came back, and assisted Drake. 

Combat[edit | edit source]

Attack: Sharp Punch[edit | edit source]

>Shade creates a spiked fist with her demon magic and punches her opponent.

Forward Attack: Rhino Charge[edit | edit source]

>Shade turns into a rhino and charges at her opponent.

Backward Attack: Armadillo Roll[edit | edit source]

>Shade turns into an armadillo and rolls, hitting her opponent if they are in the way

Upward Attack: Hawk Dive[edit | edit source]

>Shade turns into a hawk and divebombs her opponent.

Backward Attack: Hedgehog Spikes[edit | edit source]

>Shade turns into a hedgehog and stings her opponent with her spikes.

Grab Attack: Snake Bite[edit | edit source]

>Shade turns into a snake and bites her opponent on the neck.

Finisher: Killer Wolf[edit | edit source]

Shade turns into a demonic wolf, tackling her opponent and destroying them with her powerful teeth and claws.

Alternate Costume: Druid[edit | edit source]

Shade dresses up in a beautiful flowery costume to show off her animal shifting skills. This does not affect her moveset.

Extras[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Feel nature's wrath!" -Upon entering a fight

"You're not worth the time." -Upon winning a fight

"I'll make you talk!" -Upon fighting Heria

"That was pointless." -Upon winning against Heria

Storyline Match Line-Up[edit | edit source]

Shade vs. Drake Spar at Caros Mansion

Shade vs. Kira Spar at Hartston

Shade vs. Mace at Parking Garage

Shade vs. Sasha at Central Park

Shade vs. Kage at NBRL Prison

Shade vs. Casper at Hidden Base

Shade vs. Victor at Mall

Shade vs. Axel at Airplane

Shade vs. Note at Nightclub

Shade vs. Insane at Beach

Shade vs. Kiruso at Throne Room

Shade vs. Suki at Burning Village

Shade vs. Karma at Pirate Ship

Shade vs. Red X at Rooftops

Shade vs. Secret at Castle Halls

Shade vs. Leaf at Southport

Shade vs. Quil at Homunculus Shrine

Shade vs. Aester at Inner Self

Shade vs. Faith at Elven Forest

Shade vs. Gap at The Forest

Shade vs. Illusion at Alternate Reality

Shade vs. Leroy at House of Nis

Shade vs. Xavier at SAAR HQ

Shade vs. Zero at Museum

Shade vs. Carm at Diner

Shade vs. Kent at Underground Market

Shade vs. Lucifer at Ballroom

Shade vs. Samantha at Junkyard

Shade vs. Beat Skillz at Highway

Shade vs. Ricto at Battle Platform

Shade vs. Shade (Druid) at Demon Realm

Shade vs. Heria at Destroyed Caravan

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