Nortes Verse Beat Down Wiki


Name: Mace Johnson

Stage Name: Mace

Age: 18

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Origin: Nerve

Credit: Nortes

Rival: Lucifer


Mace was born to a man who had the idea that he could create an army of mutants. His first test subject was his own son, Mace. Mace was injected with the first successful sample of the nerve mutagen, and developed the power of electricity. Mace was trained to be a weapon against his opponents, due to his constant motive to be strong as possible. Mace ran away from his home, but suffered memory loss and a concussion. When he awoke, he met Casper. The two of them lived together, until Sasha and Kage came along and joined their team. Together, they took revenge on NBRL and even assisted them in stopping a terrorist threat in Munich, Germany.


Attack: Electric Punch[]

>Mace releases electricity from his fists as he strikes his opponent.

Forward Attack: Taser Strike[]

>Mace jabs his opponent with his hand, electrocuting them.

Backward Attack: Finger Pistols[]

>Mace fires sparks of electricity from his fingertips.

Upward Attack: Storm[]

>Mace electrocutes the ground around him.

Downward Attack: Thunderbomb[]

>Mace plants a bomb of electricity on the ground, and lets it explode.

Grab Attack: Combo Punch[]

>Mace grabs his opponent and delivers three punches to their face, followed by a heavy punch.

Finisher: Matyrdom[]

Mace draws the last of his rage to create an explosion of electricity, which kills his opponent in the process.

Alternate Costume: Red Lightning[]

Mace switches his colors from Blue to Red. All his attacks now have red electricity instead of blue.



"Put 'em up, punk!" -Upon entering a fight

"I was told that stings." -Upon winning a fight

"I'm gonna wipe that smirk off your face, old man!" -Upon fighting Lucifer

"Man, thank goodness he's gone." -Upon winning against Lucifer