Nortes Verse Beat Down Wiki


Name: Leroy Hurtz

Stage Name: Leroy

Age: 29

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: English

Origin: Stages of Death

Credit: Nortes

Rival: Kiruso

Home Stage: House of Nis




Attack: Sinner's Blade[]

Deemed one of the most powerful swords, the Sinner's Blade is held by Leroy to destroy his enemies.

Forward Attack: Flying Fist[]

Leroy punches the air, sending a magical fist flying at his opponent.

Backward Attack: Musket[]

Leroy pulls out a large musket and fires at his opponent.

Upward Attack: Big Bomb[]

Leroy pulls out a large bomb and throws it at his opponent.

Downward Attack: Launch[]

Leroy strikes his enemy with his blade, sending them flying into the air.

Grab Attack: Gavel[]

Leroy grabs his opponent, hitting them with a large gavel and sending them upwards.

Finisher: Judgement Day[]

Leroy takes his opponent to face Nis's judgement, sending them to rot in the Purgatory.

Alternate Costumes[]


Leroy puts on a classy suit as he becomes a combat lawyer. This does not affect his moveset.

Classic Ghost[]


"You will face judgement." -Upon entering a fight

"May your sins be forgiven." -Upon winning a fight

"Death be unto you, sinner." -Upon fighting Kiruso

"You will rot with the rest of them." -Upon winning against Kiruso