Bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Faith Winters

Stage Name: Faith

Age: 20

Species: Elf

Gender: Female

Nationality: Curian

Origin: Legacy of the Stars

Credit: Nortes

Rival: Gap

Background[edit | edit source]

Faith was born and raised with the forest Elves, and grew fond of hunting. She became an expert hunter. After her home was raided by slavers, she was forced to run away. She met up with Aester The Dark, who promised her a chance to become rich and powerful. Convinced that she can use this ability to save her family, she followed him on his quest, and stuck to his side to the very end.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Attack: Bow Melee[edit | edit source]

>Faith uses her bow as a melee weapon as she whacks her opponent.

Forward Attack: Arrow Shot[edit | edit source]

>Faith fires a single arrow from her bow.

Backward Attack: Explosive Arrow[edit | edit source]

>Faith fires an arrow strapped with ignited gunpowder towards her opponent.

Upward Attack: Volley[edit | edit source]

>Faith fires multiple arrows into the air, letting them rain down on her opponent.

Downward Attack: Bear Trap[edit | edit source]

>Faith throws a bear trap onto the ground, which will grab and damage her opponent if touched.

Grab Attack: Net Arrow[edit | edit source]

>Faith fires an arrow, which deploys a net that grabs her enemy and stuns them.

Finisher: Taking Aim[edit | edit source]

Faith takes extra time to get a good aim, and proceeds to fire the perfect arrow straight into her opponent's cranium.

Alternate Costume: Harpy[edit | edit source]

Faith sports a harpy-styled outfit. This changes her bow to a Winged Bow.

Extras[edit | edit source]

Quotes:[edit | edit source]

"This is just like hunting...except the fight back." -Upon entering a fight

"May the gods bless this kill." -Upon winning a fight

"If you are not of the gods, you are a demon!" -Upon fighting Gap

"The gods have forsaken your soul." -Upon winning agaisnt Gap

Storyline Match Line-Up[edit | edit source]

Faith vs. Leaf Spar at Southport

Faith vs. Quil Spar at Homunculus Shrine

Faith vs. Heria Spar at Destroyed Caravan

Faith vs. Aester Spar at Inner Self

Faith vs. Drake at Caros Mansion

Faith vs. Kira at Hartston

Faith vs. Shade at Demon Realm

Faith vs. Mace at Parking Garage

Faith vs. Sasha at Central Park

Faith vs. Kage at NBRL Prison

Faith vs. Casper at Hidden Base

Faith vs. Victor at Mall

Faith vs. Axel at Airplane

Faith vs. Note at Nightclub

Faith vs. Insane at Beach

Faith vs. Kiruso at Throne Room

Faith vs. Suki at Burning Village

Faith vs. Karma at Pirate Ship

Faith vs. Red X at Rooftops

Faith vs. Secret at Castle Halls

Faith vs. Illusion at Alternate Reality

Faith vs. Leroy at House of Nis

Faith vs. Xavier at SAAR HQ

Faith vs. Zero at Museum

Faith vs. Carm at Diner

Faith vs. Kent at Underground Market

Faith vs. Lucifer at Ballroom

Faith vs. Samantha at Junkyard

Faith vs. Beat Skillz at Highway

Faith vs. Ricto at Battle Platform

Faith vs. Faith (Harpy) at Elven Forest (Night)

Faith vs. Gap at The Forest

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