Bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Carmelita De Santa

Stage Name: Carm

Age: 27

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Nationality: Spanish

Origin: Operation Zero

Credit: Nortes

Rival: Sasha

Background[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Attack: Karate Combat[edit | edit source]

>Carm uses a series of punches and kicks to vary her hit chance.

Forward Attack: Lunging Punch[edit | edit source]

>Carm lunges forward, punching her opponent.

Backward Attack: High Kick[edit | edit source]

>Carm kicks into the air, hitting her opponent in the face.

Upward Attack: Flying Kick[edit | edit source]

>Carm jumps into the air and flies forward, kicking her opponent.

Downward Attack: Top Kick[edit | edit source]

>Carm spins on her hand, swinging her legs around her.

Grab Attack: Leg Grab[edit | edit source]

>Carm grabs her opponent with her legs, and does a backwards cartwheel, smashing their face onto the ground.

Finisher: Road Rage[edit | edit source]

Carm hops onto her bike and chains her opponent to the back of it. She then does a donought as the body is swung around and scraped onto the ground.

Alternate Costume: Biker[edit | edit source]

Carm sports a leather jacket, boots, and ripped jeans to pull off the biker look.

Extras[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Vamanos, I don't have time for your crap." -Upon entering a fight

"Adios, loser." -Upon winning a fight

"You don't have the cojones." -Upon fighting Sasha

"Nice try, chica." -Upon winning against Sasha

Storyline Match Line-Up[edit | edit source]

Carm vs. Zero Spar at Museum

Carm vs. Drake at Caros Mansion

Carm vs. Kira at Hartston

Carm vs. Shade at Demon Realm

Carm vs. Mace at Parking Garage

Carm vs. Kage at NBRL Prison

Carm vs. Casper at Hidden Base

Carm vs. Victor at Mall

Carm vs. Axel at Airport

Carm vs. Note at Nightclub

Carm vs. Insane at Beach

Carm vs. Kiruso at Throne Room

Carm vs. Suki at Burning Village

Carm vs. Karma at Pirate Ship

Carm vs. Red X at Rooftops

Carm vs. Secret at Castle Halls

Carm vs. Leaf at Southport

Carm vs. Quil at Homunculus Shrine

Carm vs. Heria at Destroyed Caravan

Carm vs. Aester at Inner Self

Carm vs. Faith at Elven Forest

Carm vs. Gap at The Forest

Carm vs. Illusion at The Forest

Carm vs. Leroy at House of Nis

Carm vs. Xavier at SAAR HQ

Carm vs. Kent at Underground Market

Carm vs. Lucifer at Ballroom

Carm vs. Samantha at Junkyard

Carm vs. Beat Skillz at Highway

Carm vs. Ricto at Battle Platform

Carm vs. Carm (Biker) at Diner (Night)

Carm vs. Sasha at Central Park

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