Nortes Verse Beat Down Wiki


Name: Aester Pala The Dark (A-stur) (Pal-ah)

Stage Name: Aester

Age: 45

Species: Daemon

Gender: Male

Nationality: Curian

Origin: Legacy of the Stars

Credit: Nortes

Rival: Samantha

Home Stage: Inner Self


Aester is a Daemonic Necromancer from Curia. Aester gave up on the world after his mother passed away and his father became a drunk gambler. Aester began to study necromancy, and became one of the best necromancers in Curia. He turned against his father and killed him in a fit of anger. Depressed, Aester ran away from home and traveled as a homeless necromancer. He soon gained whiff of a great treasure to make any man a king of kings. He searched for it, but his attempts were hopeless as he was caught by slavers. He gained a stroke of luck as the slave caravan he was in was intercepted by Elves, and he took his chance to escape. He met various others, and together, the group searched for the treasure.



Attack: Dark Staff[]

Aester uses his staff as a melee weapon.

Forward Attack: Flying Skulls[]

Aester fires two skulls at his opponent.

Backward Attack: Ruin[]

Aester creates a Ruin spell, slowly falling on top of and damaging his opponent.

Upward Attack: Curse[]

Aester curses his opponent, damaging them over time slowly.

Downward Attack: Summon Minion[]

Aester summons a skeleton to tackle his opponent.

Grab Attack: Bloodsuck[]

Aester drains life from his opponent.

Finisher: Death Contract[]

Aester taps the floor with his staff, summoning a death contract. He grabs his opponent's hand and forces them to sign it. After the contract is signed, Aester taps the floor again, causing Death to rise and take the opponent with him to the underworld.

Alternate Costumes[]


Aester turns into a living skeleton. This does not affect his moveset.


"Don't stand in my way." -Upon entering a fight

"I could use you for experiments." -Upon winning a fight

"You're child's play, child." -Upon fighting Samantha

"Disgusting." -Upon winning against Samantha